Tech Professional Service Tools

Tech Professional Service Tools (TPST), formally Techno Tools Corporation, was re-formed recently under its new name when its line of gas leak detectors was spun off and acquired by INFICON. Part of the technology transfer also involved the transfer of our company name and logo, however, the business entity, along with our remaining product line up of Battery System Testers and our award winning EVDC®100 compressor valve tester remains the same. Also remaining the same is our ownership, staffing and location.

Our focus, as before, is to continue to design, manufacture and market our high-quality innovative products. To this end, we have recently introduced two new battery tester products. The new model B200 is a full featured but low in cost Battery System Tester featuring a full color graphic LCD display. The new model B650 features an affordable wireless Battery System Tester with a 7” touch screen Android tablet. Other battery tester models are currently development including a model with a built-in thermal printer.

TPST is continuing to actively market our EVDC®100 compressor valve tester both domestically and globally including a private branded version through a large well-known global distributor. Although we have already provided this tester to FORD US and Canada, the EVDC®100 is also approved by FORD in Mexico, the EU and Asia Pacific regions.

All of TPST’s products are designed, assembled and marketed in the US.