Model B200
Battery, Charging, and Starting System Diagnostic Tester

The low-in-cost Professional Model B200 tests all 12V lead acid batteries including AGM and GEL batteries from 100 to 1700 CCA’s. The tester displays the battery condition as the percent (%) of available capacity, GOOD, MARGINAL, or REPLACE status for easy decision making.

Battery State of Charge voltage is also displayed. The B200 also tests 12V and 24V starter and charging systems including starter draw, alternator, and regulator output (loaded/unloaded), and diode ripple. The voltage range for this tester is 5V to 32V. Volts are displayed in real time as a volt meter.

This tester also features a full-color graphic LCD display with easy to view messages displayed. Reverse polarity protection is provided and loose connection detection is displayed.