Model B500
Battery, Charging, and Starting System Diagnostic Tester

The B500 with Infra Red (IR) wireless printer interface tests all 6V, 12V, and 24V lead acid batteries individually or in parallel and series battery packs. The tester displays the battery or battery-pack condition as % available capacity, rated capacity (i.e. CCA’s), state of charge voltage and good or replace status. The B500 also tests 6/12/24/36V starter and charging systems including starter draw, alternator and regulator output (loaded/unloaded), and diode ripple. The test data for the last test performed is stored in the memory and can be reviewed either when connected to a battery, or when disconnected from the battery at a later time. This tester also features a two line, 16-character LCD with Spanish language display option. Printout of test data can be user programmed to include date and shop name. Print to an IR printer (not included) or optional IR to USB interface dongle that comes with a Windows program on a CD.

  • Displays both % of capacity and CCA’s.
  • IR printer interface for remote printing
  • Tests all 6 &12V lead acid batteries
  • Tests 6/12/24/36V Starting/Charging Systems
  • 100 CCA to 3500 CCA battery size range
  • Alternator Ripple Test
  • Tests series (24V) and parallel batteries
  • Multiple International Units
  • Patented conductance technology
  • Bad cell is detected and displayed
  • Includes RoHS compliant post adapters
  • Warns user when to replace internal battery
  • No conversion tables needed
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Loose lead detection
  • Made in USA