Model EVDC®100
AC Electronic Valve Displacement Compressor Tester

The model EVDC®100 is a low in cost, OEM approved, Mobile A/C Electronic Valve Displacement Compressor Tester. The device tests electronic control valves in variable displacement mobile A/C compressors. It is placed in-line between the control valve and the wiring harness connector, so valve issues can be diagnosed before condemning a compressor.

The electronic control valve regulates internal compressor pressure to change the compressor displacement. The tester regulates the input signal to the valve to verify the valve’s operation.

The device assists a technician in diagnosing mobile A/C problems with external control valve compressors. By manually controlling the operation and function of the valve, it lowers repair costs and service time, and eliminates a compressor misdiagnosis and an unnecessary compressor replacement.

  • Eliminates Compressor Misdiagnosis
  • Quick Diagnosis Lowers Repair Cost
  • Verifies Proper Valve Function
  • Connector Adapter for Current and Newer Valves
  • Heavy Duty Battery Clips and Cable
  • Removable Cable Assemblies for easy replacement
  • Includes Carrying Case
  • Long Cables for easier access to valve and battery
  • Battery cable reverse protection